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Viewed: 2039 times
Patricia and Stephen duo over earth
Viewed: 1988 times
Patricia and Stephen duo earth
Viewed: 1914 times
Patricia and Stephen duo hands up
Viewed: 1872 times
Patricia's trio over balloons
Viewed: 2003 times
Patricia's trio over ribbons
Viewed: 1588 times
Patricia's trio in bubble
Viewed: 1562 times
Finger holding books
Viewed: 1698 times
Patricia from above holding up guitar
Viewed: 2131 times
Head shot
Viewed: 2470 times
The Power of One CD cover art
Viewed: 2590 times
Holiday show
Viewed: 2332 times
Earth balanced on finger
Viewed: 2214 times
Finger pointing up
Viewed: 2144 times
Patricia with guitar
Viewed: 2283 times
Head in hand
Viewed: 2124 times
Patricia and Guitar to the right
Viewed: 2171 times
Looking up
Viewed: 2212 times
Viewed: 2114 times
At Madison Square Garden
Viewed: 2293 times
Patricia at an angle
Viewed: 2128 times
Patricia & Friends
Viewed: 2200 times
Stephen and Patricia
Viewed: 2233 times
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