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Viewed: 2129 times
Kids signing The Petition at Legis. Jon Cooper's office, Huntington
Viewed: 2438 times
Presenting The Petition to Legis. Jon Cooper, Huntington
Viewed: 2433 times
A real caring kid
Viewed: 2075 times
At the Brooklyn Library with...
Viewed: 2010 times
Brady and Brigid Rymer
Viewed: 2259 times
with Peter Tork of The Monkees
Viewed: 2216 times
2008 Long Island Music Hall of Fame gala
Viewed: 2128 times
The crowd at Barnes & Noble
Viewed: 2013 times
Hugs and kisses
Viewed: 2081 times
Sharing a laugh with Peter
Viewed: 2035 times
Stephen and Peter Yarrow
Viewed: 2167 times
with Peter Yarrow, July 20, 2008
Viewed: 2135 times
At the Oscar Brand NY Metro CMN gathering
Viewed: 2143 times
Patricia and Stephen flanking Oscar Brand
Viewed: 2103 times
Trout Fishing in America, June 1997
Viewed: 2061 times
Richie Havens and Patricia
Viewed: 2001 times
Patricia and Michelle Shocked hamming it up for the camera
Viewed: 1898 times
Patricia and Hillary Clinton
Viewed: 1998 times
Odetta and Patricia
Viewed: 1942 times
Jonathan Edwards, Stephen, Patricia and Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
Viewed: 1979 times
The Burns Sisters, Janis Ian, Patty Larkin, Patricia and Erica Wheeler
Viewed: 2148 times
Charlie King, Toshi Reagon, Patricia and Pete Seeger
Viewed: 2914 times
Towering Tom Chapin and Patricia
Viewed: 2090 times
My biggest fan!
Viewed: 2114 times
Stephen and Patricia at WOR
Viewed: 1968 times
Joey, Patricia, Stephen and Rick Younger
Viewed: 1992 times
Very happy Patricia!
Viewed: 2229 times
Patricia on the Joey Reynolds' show, WOR
Viewed: 2075 times
Three buddies
Viewed: 2089 times
Three Stooges???
Viewed: 2166 times
Stephen, Patricia , Malachy McCourt and Jim
Viewed: 2052 times
Dick Kniss playing on "Don't Dumb Down"
Viewed: 2274 times
In the studio recording "You'll Get There"
Viewed: 2543 times
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